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Desk/Counter Accessories

Don’t waste your time going from store to store to buy all of your office needs. At Office Furniture Warehouse we know your time is valuable, so we have created a one-stop-shop for all of your office accessories. From trash cans to pencil holders, we have all your office needs at competitive prices.

Monitor Arms

Improve worker productivity and reduce neck strain with our selection of monitor arms. Not only can the monitor be moved to the exact place the employee needs it, but it also frees up desk space so your employees can be more productive with their time.

Keyboard & Pencil Drawers

Improve workstation comfort and efficiency by using keyboard drawers and trays which make the most of valuable desk space while positioning the keyboard in an ergonomically correct location. Rotating keyboard trays provide further ergonomic benefits and customized comfort for each employee.

Visual Boards

Visual management boards help you structure your activities, monitor and improve performance, and see the big pictures. They allow employers to improve communication between team members, overcome challenges and impediments, identify and reduce waste, and stay focused on their goals.


We offer an extensive range of electrical accessories to help organize and complete any workspace. Browse our selection of power strips, extension cords, surge protectors, cord management devices, and more; you’re sure to find all the supplies you need.

Office Accessories Gallery

We carry high-quality accessories for all office needs. Look below for a sample of the accessories we carry. Don’t’ see what you’re looking for? Call our design team and let them find it for you!

There are many components that make up a successful business. Some are more obvious, like marketing or sales. Others are hidden, behind the scenes details that have a significant, unsung impact on office success. Equipping your office with the right office accessories has broader effects than you might think.

EFFICIENCY: Unavailability of needed office supplies has a direct impact on employee productivity. Having the right supplies at their fingertips minimizes work interruption. Accessories that make the employee comfortable minimize breaks needed due to pain or discomfort and increase productivity.

PROFESSIONAL IMAGE: When potential customers visit your office, a well organized and clean workspace will project an image of competence and experience. Situations such as a messy or disorganized workspace, unavailability of a needed supply, or mismatched furniture send a message about how you do business.

FEWER MEDICAL COSTS: Investing in supplies that make an employee workstation ergonomically beneficial reduces employee discomfort and possible medical costs due to injuries from incorrectly positioned keyboards, monitors, chairs, desks, and more.

Office supplies are the lifeblood of your business, making sure each employee and department can function at maximum efficiency. Talk to our design team and let us help you identify supplies that create productive and efficient workplace environments.

Don't take our word for it.

“Office Furniture Warehouse can handle the smallest job to the largest. They strive to meet their customers needs and stay within their budget. They KNOW their products, will measure, and recommend & can make your purchase easy.” -Linda Hale

— Linda Hale

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