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Desk Chairs

Desk chairs are where an employee spends the majority of their day. Ergonomic comfort and functionality of the chair need to be considered in addition to style and color. We carry a large selection of high-quality chairs designed to improve worker productivity while adding style and functionality to their workspace.

Conference Chairs

Conference room chairs not only need to be ergonomically comfortable but need to add style to a room and create a refreshing, productive atmosphere. Our design team can help analyze your conference workspace and select the best chairs for your workspace.

Accent Chairs

Having comfortable additional seating options is essential in all areas of the workplace. Not only will visitors appreciate it, but it creates an environment that encourages employee collaboration. Our design team will look at your workplace and suggest accent chairs that fit into your desired space.

Chair & Seating Gallery

Below is a sampling of office chairs available at Office Furniture Warehouse. If you don’t see what you are looking for, give our design team a call and they will find it for you!


Whether it is a chair for your desk, breakroom, or waiting room, Office Furniture Warehouse has you covered.

Purchasing chairs for your office is a big decision. It’s important to spend time thinking about the function of the chair, the style you want in the office space, and the comfort of the worker. This allows you to create a professional environment, enhance your workspace, and increase worker productivity.

The average business person spends close to 40 hours per week in a chair, or 1900 hours per year. Yet in general, more money is often spent on the purchase of a desk than on the chair a person sits in. Companies need to consider the following benefits before deciding how much they should invest in chairs:

Benefits of purchasing a good quality office chair:

Fewer employee absences
Spending money on good office chairs keeps the employee from missing work by promoting back health and preventing carpal tunnel and leg problems. The cost of the chair is paid back by fewer absences.

Increased worker productivity
Many studies have been done which show that a supportive office chair increases worker productivity and maximizes worker efficiency. In addition, pain due to back strain, leg issues, and carpal tunnel can send productivity spiraling as workers need more breaks due to discomfort. Workers in supportive, comfortable chairs also suffer less mental fatigue.

A more positive work environment
Studies show that workers that are comfortable not only are more productive, but they also contribute to a more positive work environment.

At Office Furniture Warehouse, we carry chairs that fulfill a wide variety of office needs. Read below for a sampling of chair types we offer.

First impressions are everything. Your reception area must be inviting as well as functional, as it sets the tone when a potential customer comes in the door. We offer a wide variety of reception chairs including armless, benches, couches, and loveseats.

As discussed above, investing in high-quality chairs for your workers pays off in the form of higher productivity, fewer absences, and more positive morale. In addition, employee chairs must have functionality and style to create a productive atmosphere in the worker’s office. We have a wide selection of office chair styles, including:

  • Computer
  • Kneeling
  • Drafting
  • Executive
  • Ergonomic
  • Swivel

Perfect for the open-concept office, workstations provide the flexibility to be as simple or complex as you need them to be. Our designers can help you design and select the best workstation for your office space and functional needs.

Conference rooms need chairs that are easy to get in and out of (swivel), ergonomic to maximize comfort during long meetings, and stylish to create a vibrant, productive atmosphere in the room.

Some offices need the ability to expand seating in certain areas on a temporary basis. Our selection of folding and stacking chairs allows you to create comfortable seating for large group meetings, yet offer compact storage when they are not in use.

Office Furniture Warehouse offers high-quality chairs from top manufacturers in styles and colors to match any office décor. Call our design team today and let them help you choose the best chairs for your needs.

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