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Cubicles define an office space, making a strong impression on visitors and employees alike. A well-chosen cubicle can improve worker performance, increase workspace functionality, and create a more positive work environment.


At Office Furniture Warehouse we understand how hard it is to visualize how each cubicle will look in your workplace. That’s why we create 3D images to show the customer before they make a purchase decision. You will get to view the style and color of the cubicle as well as the cubicle layout before making a purchase decision.


The gallery below showcases a variety of cubicle styles, heights, and layouts that satisfy a variety of office needs. Consult our design experts to determine the best cubicle size, style, and height to maximize employee and office functionality.


Before purchasing cubicles, it’s helpful for the business owner to answer the following questions to help them assess their needs:

1. Do you prefer a traditional or creative environment?
Answering this question will help you narrow down style, color, and material for your cubicles. It will also help you determine the type of layout that will best create your desired environment.

2. What is most important, privacy or collaboration between employees?
This question helps you determine details such as cubicle height, style, and layout.

3. How much space does each employee need at their workstation?
While some employees only need a phone and computer, others may need filing cabinets and meeting spaces in their work area. Knowing this information helps you create workstations where each employee can work efficiently without wasting space.

4. Do you have specific sound needs?
In situations such as call centers, you need to choose cubicles and layouts that minimize sound travel from one workstation to the next.


It is helpful for the customer to have an idea of cubicle types when they are designing the office and planning their purchase. Below is a quick guide to help highlight different cubicle types and their functions.

Call Center Cubicles are designed for businesses that want to maximize the number of employees in the workspace. They feature shorter walls and sometimes have glass panels. Each cubicle will be occupied by only one person, and there is minimal extra space since it is not needed by the employee.

Standard Cubicles are meant for one employee but have space for an additional chair to be used for meetings or collaboration. Size of the work area can vary, with additional space for filing space, a work table, computer, and more based on employee need.

Modular Cubicles are ued to provide more privacy than a standard cubicle, and are desired for employees in departments such as human resources, finance, or medicine. They consist of higher-walled cubicles with doors.


Choosing the right layout for an office will impact traffic flow and employee productivity. Here are four layouts to consider for your office:

Cluster: This layout is what people commonly think of when picturing cubicles. Cubicles share a center spine, which maximizes the number of workstations and minimizes furniture cost.

Bullpen: As the name suggests, this layout involves one large cubicle with multiple team members stationed inside. It creates an open feel and encourages productivity and collaboration.

Straight Run: Straight run cubicles are lined up in rows. Rows usually are against a wall on one side, and each workspace shares a common cubicle wall with two others on each side.

Private Offices: These offices save on costs while maximizing privacy. They are created using modular cubicles so that each employee has walls and a door.

Choosing the best cubicle layout for your office can be overwhelming. Let our office design experts help you analyze your business needs so you are spending your dollars wisely. Contact Office Furniture Warehouse to discuss your new or used cubicle needs.

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